Monday, February 6, 2012

Follow-up Consult.....

Not only was he very late with calling me, an hour to be exact, when he did, he acted like it was I who wanted to speak with him. I've only been waiting for 2 weeks for an update after my AMH results. The nerve. He asked me "What questions did I have for him?" HUH???? :o WTF???

I started the convo and asked him what my AMH numbers were and all. He said that my AMH came back satisfactory and that my FSH was 7 and something else came back 7 as well (can't remember the name of it) and he said that he was VERY surprised at my results, but that he spoke with other RE's and they said they still don't feel he should treat me either. Success rate is almost 0 (1%) at my age. So it's No he said. I said "well I want to do this, why can't you do this because the patient wants it?" He said "Listen, it's not a do or die situation, this is fertility treatments, and I can't. You have reached the end of your road with your own eggs." I then said "well I can't touch the donor egg program at this point." He replied "I understand and I'm sorry about that."

So as I felt myself ready to burst into tears I started to end the call with Okay then and he said "Sorry again Lorraine. If you ever want to do donor egg, I can help you then. You take care." and that was it.

I just can't believe my numbers are good and statistics take over. I'm gutted.I can't stop crying. I can't believe I found this job with great IVF insurance, my AMH numbers were remarkably surprising and it's NO.

What am I here on earth for anymore???


Susan said...

I'm so saddened to read this truly breaks my heart for you. I commented on your post last July about CNY and because I've never researched donor egg cost could you tell me how much it is? Does it always cost the same amount even of the donor has insurance to cover the drugs and retrieval? Like I said, I don't know anything about all of this, so I hope you don't mind me asking. I'd love to help you if I can!

Lorrie S said...

Hi Susan

Thanks for your comment. I am heartbroken as well. Just when I think I'm above 'statistics' (which my numbers prove) I get shot down anyway.

CNY charges (including the meds)close to $14,000 for a single donor egg cycle. $8000 for a split donor cycle (2 recepients). So needless to say, a split would be the ONLY realistic way we could go. Money is hard to come by and save. Insurance companies will not cover donor cycles of any kind. I have full coverage for IVF, but could never use it with a donor (not my own eggs) and I'm sure it applies for someone being a donor as well.

We applied for a loan yesterday and were turned down of course. Our debt to ratio is too high right now. Not that we wouldn't pay the loan, but you know how it goes in the financial world, it's for a baby, not car. (rolling my eyes)

Thanks again for asking and offering to help. I appreciate your post more than you know.

God Bless.