Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Certified check sent today to the attorney! Attorney confirmed my email stating that and is in the process of sending the release embryo donor agreement to our clinic in NJ!!! Hopefully by next week sometime our embryos will be in transit from TX to NJ!!!

Hubby wants to REALLY try and do our FET in Feb or March. He said while we're on 'down time' with his work hours and mine, we should get it done. He said to try and find a credit card that we could use. I was going to do the FET in April/May because we could probably pay for the FET then. Now it's to find a card :/ It makes sense to try and do it in Feb/March, this way when busy season starts in April/May we won't have to stress over losing money with trying to reschedule his jobs or if I get a full time job by then as well, it will be hard to go away to NJ to do our FET. I hope we can pull it off. We'll work it out financially somehow so we can do it in Feb/March.

I was hoping to shed about 30lbs before, but I did that once before for my last IVF and it didn't work. I worried about miscarrying, not being so overweight, etc and the end result wasn't any better. It is what it is. I will start eating healthier though that's for sure starting right now!

Please pray that God leads us to the 'right' time whether it be Feb/March/April/May...whenever He knows best.

God Bless.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

My bumpy road is becoming straight again.

It seems like forever since my last update. December 10, 2010 to be exact. Well here is goes....

Nothing has changed but everything has changed when it comes to my job. First they did cut my hours to part time. Legally I could claim partial unemployment, so that is helping some as I look for another job. I'm experiencing alot of inner stress over the 'politics' of the new protocols and mismanagement really. I know who my supervisor is, but do they??? To sum it up "too many Chiefs, not even indians" and we'll leave it at that. I keep telling myself, this too shall pass. A new full time job will change everything in time unless God has other plans in store for us ;-)

Now....on to some GOOD NEWS FINALLY!!!!!

Our donors came through. The agreement has been signed but not delivered yet to our attorney. We will soon be the proud parents of 4 beautiful embryos for our near future FET! I can't believe we're here or I should say, ALMOST here! Never the less, it's good news and it's ABOUT TIME for us! Now to work on my moral after everything that I've been through in the past year. This year will be our year of miracles. I am still searching for my inner happiness, after being hurt so badly on every end of this crazy spectrum. I need to get myself back together like Humpty Dumpty. Silly but true.

So now it's onto getting my body, heart and soul intact. Literally. Once the attorney, embryo transport and storage fees are paid it's on to saving for a Spring/early Summer FET. Hoping more for Spring, but I'll know when it's the right time, financially and spiritually. I hate waiting any longer than I have to; God knows I've waited long enough for this blessing that the Lord sent to me once again.

I will try and post more often now that I feel I have something to share again without being so depressing. Sometimes being quiet is the best thing for one to be after going through some pretty hard falls. Though I have felt sad and very badly for not sharing my downs as well with all you wonderful ladies who have supported me for so long in the past. Sometimes you just need time to sort through your own sadness and come back stronger. I might not be fully there yet, but these embryos are certainly filling my heart with hope and joy :)

God Bless you.

Til futher updates! :)