Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Moment of Truth on Thursday

AF arrived today, so this is DAY 1. I called the RE's office and scheduled my DAY 3 bloodwork as requested by my RE. Praying my 'numbers' knock them off their feet and they stop looking at me like a 'statistic' and maybe this 44-45 year old woman has alot left in her to go ahead for round 6!!! Praying for that GOLDEN EGG!

Not sure how 'fast' the Board of RE's will give me an answer as to proceeding with my own eggs or not. I hope not too long. If they approve of me doing IVF with my own eggs I hope to be getting things rolling with next months AF.

Come on ROYAL JELLY.....show them what I've been believing for soooo long! That you do help with this 'old' lady's eggies!

I will say, when I got pregnant back in December 2009, having made it to a 5 day transfer of 3 embryos, I chalked up the success due to having taken Royal Jelly. I started taking them once again at the end of October 2011 knowing in the New Year I would be doing IVF. HOPING.......

As soon as I know something, I'll share.

God Bless